Verify the Credentials of Your Workforce.



One platform. Millions of credentials.
Atlas is a B2B platform for real-time license verification and data management.

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Built For The On-Demand Economy

From Compliance to Verified Profiles...Pre-qualifying, confirming represented credentials is critical for success in a rapidly evolving and skill-based economy.

  • Instant, Accurate and Current License and Credential Data

    Atlas communicates directly with 600+ primary source certifying organizations to reduce business risk and increase compliance with detailed verification history.

  • Significant Cost Savings

    Atlas eliminates excessive costs of today’s manual reporting process, including wasted labor resources, human error, expired data, legal liability and time-to-market.

  • Increased Compliance and Reduced Human Error

    Atlas communicates directly with the certifying organizations and our on-demand, current and trusted data reduces risk associated with using unverified, stale and outdated lists.

  • Developer Integration Options and API

    Atlas helps enterprise customers and partners seamlessly integrate certification and licensing data.


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