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One Platform, Countless Solutions

Used by millions nationwide, CLEAR's products power frictionless experiences for consumers while simultaneously driving operational efficiencies for your business.

Transform Your Customer Experience Through Identity Verification

At CLEAR, we’re obsessed with frictionless solutions. Our Powered by CLEAR products help businesses manage identity verification within seconds, seamlessly integrating within your customer experience. Contact us to learn more.

  • Build revenue and enhance customer loyalty
  • Increase customer conversion
  • Drive automation and operational efficiencies
  • Utilize modular & solution-based implementation

Account Creation & Management

Make creating and managing an account simpler and more secure for you and your customers.


Remove the burden of manual check-ins. Easily verify the identity of your guest or employee for frictionless and safer entry.


Automated verification solution for businesses to validate an individual's state-issued credentials.

Age Verification

Streamline and elevate experiences by easily verifying a customer’s age with CLEAR instead of manually checking an ID.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Designed to protect your business from fraudulent accounts, KYC digitally verifies a customer’s identity for frictionless, safer, and more automated transactions. Our KYC product helps you remain compliant with regulations.

Virtual Queuing

Reserve powered by CLEAR is a virtual queuing system designed to eliminate friction and wait times, while simultaneously improving the consumer experience.


Mitigate wait times and crowded lines for your traveling workforce in 40+ airports nationwide. 

Health Pass

A simple health screening solution helping businesses verify health insights to keep everyone safer.