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One Platform, Countless Solutions

Used by millions nationwide, CLEAR's products power frictionless experiences for consumers while simultaneously driving operational efficiencies for your business.

Account Creation & Management

Make creating and managing an account simpler and more secure for you and your customers.


Remove the burden of manual check-ins. Easily verify the identity of your guest or employee for frictionless and safer entry.


Automated verification solution for businesses to validate an individual's state-issued credentials.

Age Verification

Streamline and elevate experiences by easily verifying a customer’s age with CLEAR instead of manually checking an ID.

Know Your Customer (KYC)

Designed to protect your business from fraudulent accounts, KYC digitally verifies a customer’s identity for frictionless, safer, and more automated transactions. Our KYC product helps you remain compliant with regulations.

Virtual Queuing

Reserve powered by CLEAR is a virtual queuing system designed to eliminate friction and wait times, while simultaneously improving the consumer experience.


Mitigate wait times and crowded lines for your traveling workforce in 40+ airports nationwide. 

Health Pass

A simple health screening solution helping businesses verify health insights to keep everyone safer.

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