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Account Creation & Management
powered by CLEAR

Increase conversion with faster onboarding for verified customers.

Identity Verification Made Simpler

Account Creation & Management powered by CLEAR makes onboarding and managing accounts easier and more secure with our identity verification technology. Create a faster, more trusted experience for new and returning customers.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Drive day one adoption by leveraging 15mm+ users already verified by CLEAR; verify new users through easy sign-up
  • Automate processes across your network with CLEAR’s easy verification process
  • Help prevent fraudulent accounts with document verification and biometrics
  • Embed seamlessly within your existing systems and experiences

How It Works

Account Creation & Management powered by CLEAR gives you confidence only trusted users are engaging with your brand right from the start. From phone to document verification to more, customize security checks to help reduce fraudulent accounts. Easily integrated within your existing technology, tap into our embedded network to create more connected touch points across your experiences.

First time verification?

Complete a few simple steps, like verifying your phone number, for users to get started and drive repeat usage

Previously verified?

Instantly pre-fill user information and snap a selfie to confirm identity and access your experience

Key Use Cases

Create an Account

Account Information
& Access

Password Reset
& Retrieval

Convert Genuine Customers and Drive Loyalty

Partners can drive day one adoption and streamline new user onboarding by leveraging the 15mm+ users already verified by CLEAR, and quickly sign up new users all within your experience. With one-time sign-up for use everywhere, customers will feel confident that their identity is being safely verified, allowing them to unlock a seamless end-to-end experience across your business.

Reduce Costs and Help Prevent Fraudulent Accounts

CLEAR automates identity verification to reduce the cost of acquiring and engaging with a customer. With best-in-class verification technology, from biometrics to phone verification, our solution is seamless and secure for your customers. For partners who want added protection, we can also run additional database checks to reduce fraud.

Privacy Done Right

Transparency and security are at the center of everything we do—that means keeping customers in control of their personal information. We are fully opt-in. Customers will know when CLEAR is asking for their information, what information we’re asking for, and how it will be used.

Solutions-Based Implementation

Choose between our Mobile Web, iOS, and Android SDK, and easily integrate CLEAR’s technology within your existing systems and experiences. With streamlined documentation and a dedicated partner and solutions engineer support team, businesses have the tools and support they need to integrate quickly.

The Power of CLEAR

Day One Adoption

15mm+ Embedded Base

Modular Platform

130mm+ Platform Uses

Network Reach

200+ Partners & Growing

Trusted Brand

76 Average NPS

Connected Experiences

Enroll Once, Use Everywhere

Safe & Secure

Our #1 Priority

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