Unwrap the Moments
That Matter

Follow along to see how CLEAR helps our holiday characters — Claire, Eric, and Kate — navigate the travel rush this season! And don’t forget to sign up for CLEAR Plus today.


Claire, Our Newest CLEAR Plus Member

Once Upon a Holiday, there was a traveler named Claire
She was stuck in line here, but she wanted to be there

She booked her ticket home for the holidays, but much to her dismay
Crowds at the airport were everywhere… but there was no other way

Suddenly through all the travelers, she saw a soft glow
It beckoned her closer and so she did go

And soon the CLEAR Lane came into view!
The pods all lit up, without a trace of a queue

And through the chaotic crowds, a warm smile
It was a CLEAR Ambassador waving Claire through
the aisle

She signed up in minutes, and then she did fly!
Through airport security to the other side

With a few extra moments to spare ‘fore her flight,
She FaceTimed her family to say “I’ll see you tonight!”

Say goodbye to holiday crowds,
the din, and the clatter


Eric, Our CLEAR
Plus Member

Once upon a Holiday, there was a traveler named Eric
His flights in the past were pretty generic

He’d rush to the airport hours in advance
But as soon as he’d get there, he didn’t stand a chance

Large crowds, long lines, and then a race to his gate
But today was different, today he couldn’t be late

Someone was waiting for him, someone truly terrific
Plus, a holiday party full of cheer — Eric couldn’t miss it

In the terminal, with the glow of the CLEAR Lane ahead
Eric made his way through all of the people, the sprawl and the spread

At the CLEAR Pods, the Ambassador waved “Hello!”
Then, with a blink of an eye, Eric was good to go

His whole trip felt different, not just for lack of lines
A spring in his step, he made it to his love’s house just in time

With a hug and a kiss, his boyfriend asked “How was your flight?”
Eric replied, “With CLEAR, everything was just right.”

Say goodbye to holiday crowds,
the din, and the clatter


Kate, Our
CLEAR Ambassador

Once upon a Holiday, there was a CLEAR Ambassador named Kate
She loved getting passengers quickly to their gate!

She’d hum holiday jingles all season long
No humbug could get in the way of her songs

She knew a smile could brighten anyone’s day
So she went the extra mile to make everything okay

But one day a passenger didn’t know what to do!
They had hit so much traffic, and their flight was so soon!

They looked at the lines, and were filled with dismay
How could they get to their gate? Was there a better way?

Kate came to the rescue and introduced them to CLEAR
Her team helped them enroll and walk through security with a cheer!

Kate returned to the Lane, and began humming anew
She knew there was nothing CLEAR Ambassadors couldn’t do

Say goodbye to holiday crowds,
the din, and the clatter


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