Is CLEAR touchless?


When enrolling in CLEAR in person, you will need to briefly interact with our pod screen to provide and verify information.  Once your enrollment is complete, you will engage with CLEAR in a verification capacity for all future interactions.

When verifying at a CLEAR airport lane, your experience is fully touchless using our iris technology.  If we have not captured your iris during enrollment or if we have trouble reading your iris, you may be required to use your fingerprints, in which case one of our ambassadors will sanitize the reader prior to and after using. Once we’ve identified you with your fingerprint, we’ll be able to capture your iris for future verification purposes.  Hand sanitizer is also available in lane for your use.

In extenuating circumstances, you may be required to touch the pod screen - for example, in Illinois, state law requires an opt-in acknowledgement on-screen for a biometric verification.  Pods are wiped down between uses in this state, and hand sanitizer is available in the lane for use.

Health Pass

Health Pass by CLEAR is fully touchless, other than interaction with your personal device - you can enroll and verify fully from the CLEAR app.