Need help completing your Health Pass enrollment? Find enrollment tips here. 

General Tips:

-If you receive a "Sit Back and Relax" screen, CLEAR is finalizing your enrollment. lease check back in a few minutes to complete your account by setting your password 

-To start a new enrollment, use the link you received or click the “Get Started” button on the Health Pass tile (found on home screen) then enter your organization’s code 

-Ensure your mobile device is running on the latest software and you’re using the latest version of the CLEAR app

Scanning ID Document: 

-Do not use a document that is heavily damaged or expired

-Ensure your fingers are not over the edges of the document

-Take the photo in an area with bright, even light and no shadows

-Your ID photo and the information on the document must be clearly visible without a glare 

-The barcode (if applicable) must be clearly visible 

-If after taking a photo of the document several times you continue to see messages about the barcode, simply click next to continue your enrollment

Taking a Selfie: 

-Take the photo in an area with bright, even light and no shadows

-Take photo indoors within a stable environment (e.g. not in a moving vehicle)

-Remove masks, heavy glasses, hats, very long bangs

-Hold the phone level with your eyes and keep a neutral expression

-Follow the instructions and prompts on the screen

-If you have trouble taking the photo and do not see on-screen instructions use the back arrow at the top left to move back one step and begin the selfie process again

“Liveness” Selfie Scan: 

-Ensure you are in a sunlit area and the light on your face is even

-Increase the brightness of your phone screen

-Hold still without speaking or looking away during the scan