Universal Identity Platform for Financial Services

Reduce fraud and increase adoption with CLEAR's single verified identity and one-click KYC

Combat Fraud Risk

Fight fraud risk and unlock cost savings by mitigating fraud related expenses. 

Increase Conversion

Drive higher adoption in your KYC efforts by accessing 20mm+ previously verified users.

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Enhance User Experience

Balance your unique fidelity needs and a great customer experience by eliminating redundant steps and friction for users.

CLEAR Verified for Financial Services

CLEAR Verified’s solution for financial services streamlines onboarding or high risk transactions with one reusable identity. This means 22mm+ pre-verified users can use our digital ‘Fast Lane’ to KYC and skip repetitive steps, easily sharing their information with one click. On average, we see 30% usage from previously verified users accessing this ‘Fast Lane’ experience. New users simply verify in minutes completing the verification checks of your choice.

Key Features

Connected Identity Across Your Ecosystem

CLEAR protects your customers by giving them total control over their login, data, and I.D. No matter where they go, their information travels with them digitally, making the experience frictionless for your customers. When you partner with a trusted brand, you simplify compliance, unlock cost savings, and transform your experiences.

Liveness Detection
Uses passive liveness in each selfie to confirm user presence. Partners can opt for active liveness, prompting video selfies for added security.
Global Document Coverage
Supports over 200 documents globally, including ICAO-compliant passport documents, with tailored identity proofing in North America.
Commitment to Security
Achieves SOC 2, HIPAA NIST 800-53 High Baselines, and PAD-2 compliance standards.
Easy Implementation
Follows OIDC and OAuth standards and integrates within existing experiences to power all future use cases.
Flexible Platform
Meets your business needs with a tailored, vertically-integrated platform, serving over 192mm+ platform uses.
User Opt-In
Protect user’s information and only share what's needed to unlock experiences, such as age flags for restricted purchases.

Secure  The User Journey

KYC Onboarding
Get customers onboarded faster with our One-Click KYC solution.
Card-Not-Present Transactions
Seamlessly authenticate users to unblock legitimate card-not-present transactions.
Peer-to-Peer Payments
Confirm that the customer is who they say they are for high-risk transactions.
Account Takeover
Protect accounts from bad actors with a secure verified identity.

Getting Started

Our KYC solution is designed to meet your needs whether it's seamlessly integrating into your existing workflows or an all-in-one solution with one simple integration. Getting set up with CLEAR Verified is seamless:


Streamline Set-Up

Configure your user flow, checks, and escalation logic


Customize Configurations

Develop multiple KYC flows for different use cases


Leverage Insights

Receive granular verification check results for detailed partner owned manual review

Security Done Right

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