Universal Identity Platform for Healthcare

Empower patients & providers with a single interoperable health identity across the healthcare journey

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Transform Digital and Physical Experiences

Transform patient experiences wherever identity is involved. From mobile check-in, to prescription pick-up, to medical record sharing, and more, the single health identity that CLEAR provides patients makes moving throughout the healthcare journey seamless and secure.

Unlock Operational and Administrative Cost Savings

Automate processes and eliminates redundant steps with reusable identities, unlocking operational and administrative cost savings across the business.

Prevent Fraud and Increase Cybersecurity

CLEAR Verified continuously evaluates best-in-class verification technology, risk analysis, and fraud detection so you don’t have to. We meet and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare requirements to ensure we comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.

CLEAR Verified for Healthcare

CLEAR Verified empowers patients and providers with seamless identity verification experiences across the entire healthcare journey. CLEAR is proud to bring ease and interoperability to an otherwise fractured and friction-filled environment, verifying in real-time for a fast and secure experience that prioritizes the patient while still driving operational efficiencies and cost savings for the business.

Key Features

Connected Identity Across Your Ecosystem

CLEAR protects your customers by giving them total control over their login, data, and I.D. No matter where they go, their information travels with them digitally, making the experience frictionless for your customers. When you partner with a trusted brand, you simplify compliance, unlock cost savings, and transform your experiences.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) Integration
CLEAR's strategic integrations allow for seamless out-of-the-box integrations.
Commitment to Privacy & Security
Achieves SOC 2, HIPAA NIST 800-63-3 High Baselines, and PAD-2 compliance standards.
Simple Implementation
Follows OIDC and OAuth standards and integrates within existing experiences to power all future use cases. Choose between our Mobile Web, iOS, and Android SDK, and easily integrate CLEAR’s technology within your existing systems and experiences.
Global Document Coverage
Supports over 200 documents globally, including ICAO-compliant passport documents, with tailored identity proofing in North America.
Liveness Detection
Uses passive liveness in each selfie to confirm user presence. Partners can opt for active liveness, prompting video selfies for added security.
User Opt-In
Transparency and security are at the center of everything we do—that means keeping customers in control of their personal information. We are fully opt-in. Customers will know when CLEAR is asking for their information, what information we’re asking for, and how it will be used.

Streamline Patient Experiences

Patient access
Make the onboarding experience faster by verifying a patient’s identity and instantly pre-filling information; helping to reduce administrative costs and duplicate accounts.
platform access
Reduce social engineering risks and enable proper identity verification. Cut down on unnecessary and time-consuming password reset help desk calls.
Automating identity verification streamlines password resets. This helps eliminate delays and call center costs.
Mobile Check-In
Offer patients a faster and easier check-in experience with real-time identity verification that reduces waiting room friction.

Security Done Right

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