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Creation & Management

Optimize onboarding and account management and automate manual tasks by securely verifying your customer is who they say they are.

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Create a universal digital customer identity to reduce fraud and build trust

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Increase conversions, drive adoption, and improve satisfaction and loyalty

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Integrate seamlessly into your existing physical and digital experiences


Skip the check-in desk by digitally verifying customer, guest, and employee identities ahead of time.

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Create contactless, friction-free customer experiences and increase operational efficiency

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Automate manual steps and reduce costs with a variety of digital check-in solutions

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Integrate and scale within online, in-app, and onsite experiences, with minimal development lift


Allow customers to digitally verify their age and identity from anywhere to eliminate manual I.D. checks.

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Reduce long lines and manual errors to create a better customer experience

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Streamline operations so your employees can focus on your customers

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Customize to your compliance standards to minimize risk and prevent fraud

Credential Verification

Verify a user's identity and credentials for a more secure experience to build trust, prevent fraud, and increase adoption.

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Run real-time verifications for Military and Employment credentials

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Drive conversion with a friction-free customer experience

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Increase operational efficiency with a single verified identity

Implement With


A single integration powers all use cases—so your teams can implement and scale efficiently with minimal development lift.

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Friction-Free Experiences powered by CLEAR

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Joyful Journeys

Transform your customer journeys across your digital and physical ecosystems to increase loyalty and efficiency.

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Strong Adoption

Onboard customers and employees quickly and easily—and connect with 18 million verified users on day one.

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Trusted Technology

Build trust on a networked secured identity platform that meets the highest standards for data protection and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is CLEAR Verified different from the airport?

CLEAR Verified extends our identity platform to experiences outside of the airport; helping businesses deliver the same friction-free and trusted experiences to their customers. CLEAR delivers a single, verified customer identity that can be easily applied and networked to multiple use-cases.

What data will I receive?

CLEAR is fully user opt-in and gives customers control of their personal information. Because of this, CLEAR Verifiedwill only share with you the information absolutely necessary to unlock experiences.

Will I need hardware and Ambassadors?

CLEAR Verified takes on the identity proofing digitally; eliminating the need for in-person reviews, hardware, and Ambassadors.

How long does it take for end users to enroll or onboard?

With a partnership experience that’s designed to balance speed and security, CLEAR verifies your customers in real-time. With a few simple steps such as snapping a selfie or scanning their government-issued ID, your customers are verified in a matter of seconds.

Why is identity important?

Identity is foundational to building trust online in the digital space. CLEAR Verified gives you the confidence you’re only engaging with verified customers to create safer experiences and reduce fraud.

Do customers have to use the CLEAR app?

Customers do not have to download the CLEAR App to ‘Verify with CLEAR’.CLEAR can seamlessly fit within your mobile web, digital & in-person experiences—meeting your customers where they are.

How does CLEAR protect user data?

CLEAR’s comprehensive security program meets the highest standards for data protection and privacy. To safeguard certain sensitive information (such as biometric data and government-issued identification information), CLEAR implements security measures such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection and prevention systems. You can read more details about this in CLEAR’s Privacy Commitment.

Do CLEAR Verified end users have to pay?

The free CLEAR platform enables anyone to frictionlessly confirm their identity and credentials to make everyday experiences safer and easier—transforming the way people live, work, and travel.

Do you have to be an airport member to use a platform solution?

You do not need to be a CLEAR Plus Member to access the CLEAR network. Users simply follow a few simple steps to verify their identity with CLEAR.

What are the different ways the CLEAR platform can be integrated?

With multiple identity proofing and integration solutions, choose between CLEAR Mobile Web, iOS, and Android SDK to easilyintegrate CLEAR’s technology within your existing digital and physical experiences.

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