CLEAR’s Commitment To Your Privacy

CLEAR is committed to privacy done right, and that means keeping you in control of your personal information. Transparency and security are at the center of everything we do, because our mission is to make experiences easier and more secure.

CLEAR Will Never Sell Your Data

You are you, and your personal information is yours. It is our policy to never sell your data and always has been.

CLEAR Will Always Be Opt-In

You should never have to use a technology solution you are not comfortable with.

You Control Your Biometric Information

You provide the images and biometrics we use and CLEAR only uses them for the services you signed up for. You will always know when you are interacting with our services.  We never collect images or biometrics without permission.

You Have A Right To Transparency

CLEAR will always be transparent. You will know when CLEAR is asking for your information, what information we are asking for, and how it will be used.

You Can Always Delete Your Data

You have full control of your information. When you no longer want to use our services, all of your data - including biometrics - will be deleted upon request.

Privacy Done Right Also Means Keeping Your Data Secure

CLEAR’s comprehensive security program meets the highest standards for data protection and privacy. CLEAR will always act responsibly to protect your data, and keep it secure.

2010 Letter to Members