CLEAR Verified

A single integration powers multiple use cases.

What is CLEAR Verified?

CLEAR Verified reduces friction across your user journey by delivering a single, holistic identity for your customers. Experience instant, real-time verification to ensure interactions are exclusively with trusted users.

Unlike traditional solutions with repetitive steps, the CLEAR identity can be easily authenticated and shared with a quick selfie and user consent. Elevate your customer experience, streamline compliance, and reduce costs today.

How It Works

Our verification flow seamlessly integrates within your experience, powering identity verification at any touchpoint. With a range of options, from database checks to document and liveness assessments, CLEAR helps you meet your business and compliance needs.



Verification Options

Checks risk signals across email, IP address, and device. 

Verifies user information across leading database sources to confirm that the information provided is accurate. Can include KYC-specific screening checking the identity against OFAC, politically exposed persons (PEP), and adverse media watchlists.

Confirms that the user’s document is real, does not show any risk signals, and ensures the selfie taken at enrollment matches the document photo.

Checks fraud signals that the user is a real, live person.

Key Features

Reusable Identity Across Your Ecosystem

CLEAR delivers a single, verified identity. 18MM+ previously verified users can verify with simple authentication, reducing unnecessary steps & removing friction from partner experiences. 

Liveness Detection
Fraud prevention checks that confirm that the user is a real, live person. 
Global Document Coverage
Supports over 200 documents globally, including ICAO-compliant passport documents.
Commitment to Security
Achieves SOC 2 and PAD-2 compliance standards alongside IAL2 and AAL2 certifications.
Easy Implementation
Implements quickly with hassle-free, no-code configuration and low-code implementation.
Configurable Platform
Meets business requirements with configuration options across verification types, fidelity requirements, fallbacks, and use cases. 
User Opt-In
Protects user’s information by only sharing what's needed to unlock experiences or compliance, such as age flags for restricted purchases.

Best-in-Class Identity Assurance Technology

By consistently evaluating and incorporating new technology into our platform, CLEAR takes on the stress of identity proofing, so you don’t have to.

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Identity Assurance and Performance

Works with a variety of vendors to leverage their expertise to build an experience that is unrivaled in security and performance.

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Ongoing Assessment

Conducts ongoing fraud resistance and tamper testing, ensuring vendors’ continued ability to meet and exceed requirements and expectations.

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Unmatched Capabilities

Meets regulatory guidelines and security frameworks, ensuring CLEAR is always ahead of partner requirements

Security Done Right