March 8, 2024

CLEAR Achieves Full Service Accreditation by the Kantara Initiative, Reaching New Heights in Healthcare

To reach a higher level of identity and authentication assurance, CLEAR recently became one of five companies to be NIST 800-63-3 aligned and “Full Service Accredited” by the Kantara Initiative, an organization that ensures conformity with NIST guidelines. Approval indicates CLEAR’s care and consideration for users and our ability to deliver high levels of identity assurance.

This rigorous approval process includes an audit by a third-party assessor that covers close to 700 questions and requirements that ensures conformance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements. Kantara granted CLEAR certification for Identity Assurance (IAL2) and Authentication Assurance (AAL2), indicating steadfast compliance with both federal and state-level requirements for new and returning users. 

This recognition comes as CLEAR continues to expand and establish itself into new, highly regulated verticals, such as Healthcare and Finance. These arenas both require strong identity fidelity as part of their verification processes. Specifically in Healthcare, having IAL2 and AAL2 certifications will unlock significant opportunities to transform provider and patient experiences to the highest standard of excellence. 

In Healthcare, these NIST IAL2 and AAL2 certifications ladder up to the 21st Century Cures Act which was written into law in 2016. This law is meant to define standards for interoperability between healthcare systems and increase accessibility to personal health data. In other words, it’s meant to help a disjointed system better communicate and pass information for the benefit of both patients and providers.

For providers, leveraging CLEAR helps employees enjoy a more streamlined experience that reduces frustration, empowers providers to devote more time to their patients’ care, and mitigates administrative burdens. Whether the identity verification technology is used for employee portal access, password resets or something else, the goal is to eliminate friction so staff can get back to the work that matters most. 

For patients, CLEAR enables the ability to instantly verify identities, unlocking experiences along the healthcare journey faster and easier. From pre-appointment verification, to check-in, to account creation, CLEAR offers an easy-to-use, more secure method for patients to seamlessly and securely engage across the healthcare continuum. 

By becoming one of only five companies to achieve Full Service accreditation by the Kantara Initiative, CLEAR aims to signal to the wider industry and to patients that we take this mission of revolutionizing the healthcare experience seriously. We are committed to building inroads into healthcare properly by laying a foundation that meets the highest standards and will therefore stand the test of time. Moving forward, we remain resolute in this dual commitment to prioritize both security and seamlessness throughout the healthcare journey with CLEAR.

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