October 16, 2023
By Jimmy Hahn

Travel Is On The Rise—And So Is Innovation

As travel traffic continue to increase, innovative solutions are needed to combat growing challenges.

Travel in 2023

Travel is hard—and getting harder. The industry rebounded after the COVID-19 pandemic with staggering results:

  • Through September 2023, security screenings are up 13% YOY.
  • Over 635 million passengers have been screened this year.
  • These results are in addition to a 30% growth in 2022.
  • Across the country, over 10% of traffic in checkpoints where CLEAR operates came through a CLEAR Lane.

And, there’s no end in sight: The 2023 summer travel season is only a small signal of the increased travel to come. Nationally, CLEAR estimates that 1 million more travelers will be screened at U.S. airports daily by 2030, on top of the 2.3 million travelers today:

This is not an isolated prediction: Airbus estimates that demand for air travel will grow by 3.6% annually over the next 20 years, and believes over 40,000 new commercial aircrafts will need to be made to meet growing global demand.

It’s this exact traffic that will continue to put pressure on existing airport infrastructure. Checkpoints will get longer. Flight delays will increase from a variety of challenges. To keep up with this growing demand, innovation is needed to make travel feasible and more enjoyable. 

CLEAR Innovation

At CLEAR, we’re committed to supporting travel partners to meet this challenge. But more than that, we’re built to create the solutions. In a post-pandemic world, people expect technology to ease their experiences in work, life, and travel—which is exactly our focus.

And, we’re always finding ways to make journeys joyful, so passengers can win the day of travel. Our variety of solutions are built for all kinds of travelers:

  • CLEAR Plus is our paid annual Membership. With simple identity verification, CLEAR Plus gets travelers to their gate faster at 54 airports nationwide.
  • At select airports, RESERVE lets travelers save a spot in the security line ahead of time.

By using the free CLEAR App, travelers can find CLEAR locations near them and easily manage their personal information. Home-to-Gate, an in-app feature, helps travelers know exactly when to leave to get to their gate on time. They can even order an Uber right from our app!

Our Commitment to Privacy and Security

As we anticipate and deliver innovative solutions for our Members, CLEAR keeps safety and transparency at the center of everything we do. Our security program meets the highest standards for data protection and privacy: CLEAR is a certified partner of the Department of Homeland Security and Safety Act-certified as a qualified anti-terrorism technology.

CLEAR also keeps you, the user, in control of your own data: CLEAR will never sell your data and it will always be an opt-in experience. You have the right to your own biometric information, and you can always choose to delete your data.

Beyond The Airport

But, our solutions extend far beyond the airport.

At CLEAR, we take our identity platform beyond the security checkpoint to meet travelers at all the different moments of their journeys:

  • At 79 Avis and Budget locations, travelers can skip the counter and head straight to their rental car when they verify their identity ahead of time—saving them time.
  • Travelers can bypass check-in at select hotels to get right to their room and enjoying their trip!
  • At stadiums and arenas nationwide, visitors can get into their favorite games and concerts faster by using the CLEAR Lane to skip long lines.

And we’re just getting started.

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