Enter the U.S. faster

Open to all U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors, you can now save time in the customs line with CLEAR Pass – a FREE app authorized by Customs and Border Patrol for Mobile Passport Control.

The best part? CLEAR Pass securely stores your info for next time (for free!), making every trip easier.

Note that you do not have to be a CLEAR member to use CLEAR Pass. 


How it works

Download the free app now

Go ahead and create your profile, take a selfie, and add your passport – all before your trip!

Say goodbye to paper forms

You can submit your digital customs form right from your phone.

Breeze right through
Head to the designated Mobile Passport Control line, where you’ll quickly show your QR code and passport and enter the U.S. faster.

Here’s what you’ll love

  • It’s not just for CLEAR members

    The app is free and available for all U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors. Note that CLEAR Pass does not give you access to CLEAR Lanes at security for domestic travel.

  • Bundle up your family

    You can add family members to your trip (up to 12!), which means you’ll only have to submit one form. Easy peasy.

  • Save time, every time

    CLEAR Pass safely stores your profile and passport for FREE – making it even easier next time (and every time!) you travel internationally.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is CLEAR Pass for CBP Mobile Passport Control?

CLEAR Pass is a free mobile app that helps travelers speed through U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when returning to the U.S. from another country.

Who can use CLEAR Pass?

U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors coming to the U.S. can use the CLEAR Pass app. While the app is created by CLEAR, you do not need to be a CLEAR member to use it.

Where can I use CLEAR Pass?

You can use the CLEAR Pass app as at these port of entry locations.

More questions?

Please visit our support page –CLEARME.COM/SUPPORT