How do I update my account information to keep using CLEAR Plus?

To update your name:
Visit a CLEAR airport location, and a CLEAR Ambassador can help you. Please bring your updated (renewed, not amended) I.D. which could be a:

  • U.S Driver’s License
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S.-issued Permanent Resident Card
  • U.S. State-Issued I.D.
  • U.S. Military I.D.
  • Global Entry Card
    All forms of identification must be valid, unexpired, not amended, and have a photo.

To update your I.D.:
Visit a CLEAR airport location and a CLEAR Ambassador can help you. To avoid updating your I.D. again in May 2025, please use a REAL ID or U.S. Passport.

To update billing:
Log into and select ‘Update Billing.’ You can also update other details, like your password or phone number.a

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