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What does CLEAR use to verify my identity?

How CLEAR Plus Members

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CLEAR performs certain checks on the information that you provide to us to verify your identity and may share information about these checks with a partner whose services you are choosing to use. This may include checks to confirm that you are you and that the information you provide is accurate. Examples may include confirming that the picture on your ID appears to match your selfie, assessing device fraud risk, or in the case of KYC compliance use cases, that your information does not appear on a sanctions list. With your consent, CLEAR may share these verification details with partners to help unlock their experience for you. Partners may also use this information for compliance reasons, or to help you troubleshoot.

CLEAR Plus uses biometrics to replace your I.D. for faster entry at airports. Biometrics are unique biological characteristics that can be used to identify you, including your eyes, fingerprints, and face.  

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