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What is NextGen Identity+ and how does it work?

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What is CLEAR’s NextGen Identity+?

  • CLEAR’s NextGen Identity+ is the highest fidelity digital identity, unlocking physical and digital experiences for our Members in the airport and beyond. We are excited about the even more predictable, friction-free experience that NextGen Identity+ will unlock for our Members and the enhanced security it provides.

How to upgrade: CLEAR Plus Members will receive their free upgrade to NextGen Identity+ in a few easy steps: 

  • (1) Click the unique link emailed to you to create a one-time password to verify your phone number. (2) If prompted please bring a valid form of I.D. (accepted documents: unexpired driver’s license, state I.D., or passport) to the airport the next time you fly. Pro tip: bring your passport for the fastest upgrade experience! (3) Our friendly Ambassadors will update your photo at a CLEAR Enrollment Pod to finish your free upgrade and keep you moving.

How do I know the one-time password email came from CLEAR?

  • All CLEAR Plus Members will receive an email with an invitation to verify their phone number using a one-time password. The email will come to the address associated to their CLEAR account and will come from

Is this upgrade required?

  • Yes, Members will need to upgrade to CLEAR’s NextGen Identity+. This will power CLEAR’s Lane of the Future rolling out over 2024.

How is this different from the I.D. CLEAR has on file?

  • CLEAR’s NextGen Identity+ will be the highest fidelity digital identity. This enhanced standard builds on our multi-factor enrollment process and now includes data directly from the issuing source.

Why are we doing this?

  • NextGen Identity+ will unlock the CLEAR Lane of the Future. The CLEAR Lane of the Future, which will be rolling out over 2024, will deliver an even faster, more predictable airport experience for our Members. It will allow CLEAR Plus Members to verify their identity with their face (instead of iris or fingerprints) for a fast verification to keep them moving quickly through the Lane. Our vision is to keep you moving through the CLEAR Lane where you don’t break your stride.

What happened to my previous I.D. information?

  • Your data is safe and secure. This upgrade will build on our multi-factor enrollment authentication and enhance security by providing data directly from the issuing source. 

How will I know I’ve successfully upgraded? 

  • Once successfully upgraded, you will receive an email confirmation. 

I have family members on my account. Do we all need to upgrade?

  • Yes, each family member will receive a separate email to begin their upgrade.

How much will this cost me? 

  • Your upgrade to NextGen Identity+ is completely free. This new, cutting-edge identity standard will enhance checkpoint security and facilitate the CLEAR Lane of the Future.

I share a mobile phone with another CLEAR Member. What do I do?

  • In order to upgrade to NextGen Identity+, all Members must enter a personal mobile number associated with their name. 

Where in the airport do I go to complete my upgrade?

  • Head to an Enrollment Center where our friendly Ambassadors are ready to upgrade you. CLEAR Enrollment Centers are generally located next to the security checkpoint, and are separate from where we verify your identity as part of the screening process. 

Why do I have to give my phone number? What will CLEAR use it for?

  • CLEAR will send you a one time password an extra layer of verification that enhances security.

What if I don't have a mobile phone number?

  • In order to upgrade to NextGen Identity+, all Members must enter a personal mobile number associated with their name. In the future, Members without a mobile number will be able to enroll and/or upgrade with a U.S. Passport.

Is this related to REAL ID? What should I bring if I don't have a REAL ID?

  • Passport, driver’s licenses and state I.D.s are all accepted for your upgrade. To avoid updating your I.D. again before May 2025 when REAL ID goes into effect, we encourage you to use a REAL ID or U.S. Passport for your NextGen Identity+ upgrade. 

I don't have a valid passport, driver's license or state ID.  What should I do?

  • Currently, these are the only acceptable forms of I.D. that can be used to enroll or upgrade your account. If you are an existing Member, you will be able to use the lane but will need to show your I.D. to TSA each time you travel.

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