February 22, 2024

Get To Know David Bardan, CLEAR’s Head of Healthcare

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already familiar with CLEAR and what we do, but at the end of the day it’s our great people who make CLEAR what it is. We’re starting this blog series as an easy way for you to get to know the people behind the brand–starting with our GM, Head of Healthcare, David Bardan.

CLEAR is dedicated to transforming the healthcare landscape through innovative identity verification solutions, unlocking operational efficiencies and seamless patient journeys. Leading this mission at CLEAR is David Bardan who joined 2 years ago as GM, Head of Healthcare. David is a seasoned industry expert who has dedicated his career to enhancing healthcare experiences and accessibility. This blog will help you get to know David, his background in healthcare, and all of the exciting things he is helping us to achieve at CLEAR.

Before joining CLEAR, David served as the Vice President and Head of Commercial (U.S.) at TytoCare, a company dedicated to transforming healthcare delivery with on-demand medical exams, with a healthcare provider, from the comfort of one’s home. Responsible for establishing vital relationships for TytoCare, David built a broad healthcare network across health systems, large provider organizations, home healthcare services, payors, and self-insured employers. During his tenure, David played a pivotal role in crafting over 100+ partnerships with key health systems and providers across the United States.

Prior to TytoCare, David helped build the Zocdoc enterprise business, helping practices find and connect with the right patients through their marketplace platform, pulling from his extensive consulting background with Deloitte where his healthcare industry work began. 

David has an undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems and Supply Chain Operations from the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota and a Masters of Business Administration from the UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School.

From his early days as a student to now, David’s passion and motivation for healthcare has always lain in the opportunity to make an impact, and fill a huge industry gap that has been left unaddressed for years:

“Identity in healthcare hasn’t been innovated in so many years, yet [it] is so foundational to every healthcare experience… The industry relies on paper and fax machines. A quarter of healthcare dollars is spent on administration. Not to mention that medical identity theft remains a large problem, and costs over $40B. As we work toward our mission in healthcare of replacing the clipboard, we’re excited to see it improve patient and provider experiences holistically.”

In a recent webinar with b.well, David spoke to how CLEAR is making it easier for patients to prove who they are when they interact with healthcare services. He explained that healthcare situations require different levels of identity proofing depending on the use case (password reset versus prescription pickup, for example). To help solve this, CLEAR has built an orchestration layer that lives behind the scenes of the user experience and effectively acts as an assurance ladder—stepping patients up and down different levels of identity verification based on the level of proofing needed. This means patients and providers don’t have to worry about proving who they say they are each time they use healthcare services, making the process seamless for everyone involved. 

David has been committed to sharing this new and improved path forward for healthcare providers, spearheading partnerships with esteemed organizations such as University of Miami Health System, Wellstar Health System, Health Gorilla and Healthix, among other industry leaders who share in David’s passion in enhancing operational efficiency and patient experiences. 

David and the CLEAR healthcare team are looking forward to connecting with more industry leaders and experts at the upcoming ViVE and HIMSS conferences.

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