January 12, 2024
by David Bardan

Healthix and CLEAR Advance Easy and Secure Access to Health Data in New York

Whether a patient or provider, gathering information from different health systems and organizations can sometimes feel like assembling a puzzle with pieces from different sets. Each healthcare ecosystem holds a crucial piece of information, but the challenge is bringing it all together seamlessly. Just as creating a complete picture from mismatched pieces requires creativity, uniting health records across disparate systems demands an innovative solution for cohesive results and more seamless experiences. At CLEAR, we are committed to providing that innovative solution through the power of our reusable, networked identity and partnerships that empower change.

A Partnership That Empowers 

On December 13, Healthix, one of the largest public Health Information Exchanges (HIE) in the nation which serves the greater southern New York region, and CLEAR announced their partnership to empower consumers with free, easy and secure access to their healthcare data from more than 8,000 health facilities, and over 20 million unique patient records across New York State in a single portal. 

Healthix has also engaged its New York State HIE colleague, Hixny, to provide the patient portal technology which embeds CLEAR’s identity verification technology to seamlessly verify a consumer’s identity and provide them with secure and easy access to their health information. 

How it works

The partnership enables interoperability between health systems and health organizations across New York State which participate in Healthix. Healthix aggregates this information and updates it with each new patient encounter. Patients are enabled with a universal health ID to access their health records by simply verifying their identity with a selfie, and finding their combined records in a single portal. The partnership also relieves New York State healthcare providers from the process of manually generating temporary passcodes for each patient to retrieve their health records.

“Through this partnership, we’re not only enhancing New Yorkers’ access to their medical records, but we’re also saving providers time and empowering them to do what they do best – provide world-class care and save lives,”
- Caryn Seidman Becker, CEO of CLEAR

Friction-free, trustworthy identity verification and user authentication will empower New York citizens and individuals to easily and securely access their medical records and share them with authorized healthcare providers.

“Today, Healthix joins many of our partner healthcare organizations in empowering New York residents by granting them direct access to their medical information, promoting transparency and encouraging them to actively engage in their healthcare activities.”
-Todd Rogow, President & CEO of Healthix

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