University of Miami Health System Drives Operational and Security Excellence with CLEAR

The Background

University of Miami Health System takes a proactive approach to future-proofing employee workflows, specifically enrollment and password resets.

Historically, the standard has been to rely on device based Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). But UMiami was looking for a different and more secure solution that would go one step beyond just verifying the device.

How It Works

CLEAR integrated into the existing UMiami experience where employees can easily request a password reset with a reusable CLEAR identity. First-time users verify their identity with an I.D. and a selfie. On the backend, CLEAR verifies the validity of the document, leverages liveness technology to prevent identity spoofing, and then corroborates the selfie with the image on the provided document. Returning users only need the selfie, making he process seamless.

The reusability of a CLEAR identity isn't just about efficiency, but security. Now, UMiami confidently scales risk mitigation, reassured that each reset is securely rooted in verifying he human.

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85% faster than traditional methods

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64% early employee adoption

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