June 5, 2024

Simplifying Age Verification For Businesses and Consumers

Age verification is crucial for businesses operating in regulated industries or those providing age-restricted products and services. This is especially true online, where one in three users is under 18 years old. Implementing effective age verification systems not only helps businesses maintain legal compliance but also bolsters customer trust and safeguards their brand reputation. Age verification is a critical aspect of numerous industries, including alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, gaming, and social platforms. Businesses face the challenge of ensuring legal compliance while providing a smooth customer experience. 

Traditional methods, such as checking IDs, can be time-consuming, prone to errors, and raise privacy concerns. While some businesses may opt for age estimation technologies that rely on artificial intelligence and facial analysis, believing them to be less invasive to customer privacy, these methods often lack accuracy. This inaccuracy can lead to potential legal issues as well as customer uncertainty–The very concept of AI accurately guessing their age often leaves customers feeling uneasy.

A comprehensive age verification solution must provide definitive proof of age, prioritizing customer privacy while seamlessly integrating with existing systems. It should protect sensitive personal information and offer a hassle-free experience for both businesses and consumers, while also adapting to the ever-evolving regulatory landscape to ensure compliance with the latest age-restriction laws.

For consumers, the ideal solution should be convenient and efficient, eliminating the need to repeatedly present identification documents. A streamlined process that leverages existing verified identities can significantly enhance the user experience, making age-gated transactions faster and more enjoyable.

CLEAR Verified, the connected identity platform, offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond age estimation to definitively prove age while prioritizing user privacy. By validating a government issued ID and verifying against the user’s selfie, CLEAR only needs to share the minimum amount of information required to verify the user’s age, all upon user consent, CLEAR provides a privacy-focused solution that surpasses age estimation technology. Leveraging its existing identity verification platform, 22mm+ network of pre-verified users and over 14+ years of experience in highly regulated environments, CLEAR provides a quick, reliable, and seamless age verification solution at the point of sale or online.

CLEAR Verified represents a significant advancement in simplified age verification while protecting sensitive personal information. This enhances security and convenience for both businesses and consumers, contributing to safer and more responsible access to age-restricted products and services.

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