April 12, 2024
By David Bardan (GM, Head of Healthcare, CLEAR)

The Importance of Identity Verification in Healthcare

Now more than ever, the healthcare industry is experiencing vulnerabilities with traditional security and identity verification methods. Most recently, hospitals and health systems are up against sophisticated social engineering schemes targeting IT help desks. The healthcare sector, historically lagging in technological innovation and automation, has become a prime target for bad actors exploiting weaknesses in security protocols. These fraudsters leverage stolen identities, often from roles with access to the most sensitive information, to manipulate IT help desks and gain unauthorized access to critical systems, posing significant risks to patient data integrity. This underscores the pressing need for bolstering not only cybersecurity, but specifically, identity verification protocols. Because what’s often labeled as a “security” problem is fundamentally an identity problem.

CLEAR, as the universal identity platform, is dedicated to equipping healthcare organizations with robust tools to verify patient and employee identities with confidence. We continuously evaluate cutting-edge verification technologies, conduct comprehensive risk analyses, and employ advanced fraud detection measures to ensure maximum security. Our unwavering commitment extends to seamlessly adapting to evolving healthcare standards, ensuring compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory mandates, and achieving industry-leading compliance standards such as SOC 2, PAD-2 and NIST 800-63-3 aligned. Specifically, CLEAR was recently named “Full Service Accredited” by the Kantara Initiative, certified for Identity Assurance (IAL2) and Authentication Assurance (AAL2), unlocking significant opportunities to transform provider and patient experiences to the highest standard of excellence. 

How CLEAR Verified prioritizes verification beyond the device

CLEAR's identity verification capabilities play a pivotal role in combating social engineering schemes by prioritizing human verification over device authentication, like multi-factor authentication (MFA). Recognizing the inherent vulnerabilities of devices, CLEAR focuses on verifying the individual's identity, rather than solely relying on device authentication. By seamlessly matching an official ID to a selfie, CLEAR enables individuals to verify their identity in real time, ensuring liveness, and establishing trustworthiness. 

What this means for patients

For patients, encountering the CLEAR brand within healthcare experiences helps instill a sense of confidence in the security of their sensitive personal data. Leveraging its established reputation for trust and privacy, CLEAR reassures patients that their information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality. 

As healthcare organizations navigate the ever-evolving landscape of security and social engineering threats, CLEAR remains steadfast in its commitment to powering trusted experiences in healthcare with innovative identity verification solutions.

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