How It Works

Our verification flow seamlessly integrates within your experience, powering identity verification at any touchpoint. With a range of options, from database checks to document and liveness assessments, CLEAR helps you meet your business and compliance needs.

Verification Options



Verify name and phone number across device carriers and other sources. CLEAR detects fraud signals in phone numbers.

Confirm authenticity of thousands of document formats, such as driver’s licenses and domestic and international passports. CLEAR matches facial biometrics to the picture on the I.D. and uses liveness detection to reduce identity spoofing.

Verify the user’s identity and qualifications across a number of credentials, such as military or employment status.

Enhance protection with supplementary database checks, such as AAMVA, for biographical details, like address verification.

Support NIST 800-63-3 Identity Assurance Level 2 for partners that require the highest level of fidelity; verify once and establish your NIST-compliant enrollment.

Reusable Identity Across Your Ecosystem

CLEAR protects your customers by giving them total control over their login, data, and I.D. No matter where they go, their information travels with them digitally, making the experience frictionless for your customers. When you partner with a trusted brand, you simplify compliance, unlock cost savings, and transform your experiences.

Key Features

Liveness Detection
Uses passive liveness in each selfie to confirm user presence. Partners can opt for active liveness, prompting video selfies for added security.
Global Document Coverage
Supports over 200 documents globally, including ICAO-compliant passport documents, with tailored identity proofing in North America.
Commitment to Security
Achieves SOC 2, HIPAA NIST 800-53 High Baselines, and PAD-2 compliance standards.
Easy Implementation
Follows OIDC and OAuth standards and integrates within existing experiences to power all future use cases.
Flexible Platform
Meets your business needs with a tailored, vertically-integrated platform, serving over 154mm+ platform uses.
User Opt-In
Protect user’s information and only share what's needed to unlock experiences, such as age flags for restricted purchases.

Best-in-Class Identity Assurance Technology

By consistently evaluating and incorporating new technology into our platform, CLEAR takes on the stress of identity proofing, so you don’t have to.

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Identity Assurance and Performance

Works with a variety of vendors to leverage their expertise to build an experience that is unrivaled in security and performance.

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Ongoing Assessment

Conducts ongoing fraud resistance and tamper testing, ensuring vendors’ continued ability to meet and exceed requirements and expectations.

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Unmatched Capabilities

Meets regulatory guidelines and security frameworks, ensuring CLEAR is always ahead of partner requirements

Solutions-Based Implementation

Choose between our Mobile Web, iOS, and Android SDK, and easily integrate CLEAR’s technology within your existing digital and physical experiences. Learn more here.

Security Done Right