One-Click Onboarding Solution

Simplify onboarding with CLEAR's KYC solution, allowing users to effortlessly navigate through the KYC process. Utilize our technology to enable users to complete verification checks with just one click, reducing the onboarding time significantly.

Customize Your KYC Onboarding Experience

CLEAR’s workflow builder gives you the tools to customize your own experience, meeting your organization's unique requirements.


Streamline Set-Up

Configure your user flow, checks, and escalation logic

streamline kyc onboarding

Customize Onboarding

Develop multiple KYC flows for different use cases

customize onboarding multiple kyc workflows

Leverage Insights

Receive granular verification check results for detailed partner owned manual review

kyc verification

Meet Compliance Needs

Choose from a range of database and fraud prevention tools, including device checks, email risk scoring, and ongoing watchlist screening for enhanced security and protection. See here for a comprehensive list.

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Date of Birth

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Phone Number

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Onboarding and Ongoing Sanctions (OFAC/PEP)

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Adverse Media Screening

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Government I.D. Authenticity

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Fraud Checks

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IP and Email Risk

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Cell Carrier Data Checks

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Device Fraud Signals

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Liveness Verification

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Optional Security Enhancement: Selfie Match to I.D.

Low Code Implementation

Easily integrate CLEAR's technology into your existing onboarding experiences with minimal code using our APIs and SDKs, or opt for our no-code option for instant implementation.

API Integration

Use our APIs and SDKs with just a few lines of code

No-code Option

Get started immediately using no-code verification links

Easy Set Up

Customize your IDV workflow or use a preset

Security Done Right