Streamline Patient Experiences

Account Creation
Make the onboarding experience faster for you and your patients by verifying a patient’s identity and instantly pre-filling information; helping to reduce administrative costs and duplicate accounts.
Instant Password Reset
Automating identity verification streamlines password resets. This helps eliminate delays and call center costs.
Reduce administrative costs by making check-in easier—Instant identity verification for virtual and in-person appointments creates a friction-free experience for your patients.
Prescription Pick-Up & Delivery
Unlock faster pick-up and delivery. By quickly verifying your patient’s identity, you can improve operational efficiencies and optimize the customer experience.
Reduce Risk & Protect Your Brand
CLEAR continuously evaluates best-in-class verification technology, risk analysis, and fraud detection—so you don’t have to. We meet and adapt to the ever-changing healthcare requirements to ensure we comply with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements.
Transform Your Customer Experience
Partners can drive day one adoption and streamline new patient onboarding by leveraging the 15mm+ users already verified by CLEAR, and quickly sign up new users all within your experience. With one-time sign-up for use everywhere, customers will feel confident that their identity is being safely verified, allowing them to unlock a seamless end-to-end experience across your healthcare ecosystem.
Privacy Done Right
Transparency and security are at the center of everything we do—that means keeping customers in control of their personal information. We are fully opt-in. Customers will know when CLEAR is asking for their information, what information we’re asking for, and how it will be used.
Solutions-Based Implementation
Choose between our Mobile Web, iOS, and Android SDK, and easily integrate CLEAR’s technology within your existing systems and experiences. With streamlined documentation and a dedicated partner and solutions engineer support team, businesses have the tools and support they need to integrate quickly.

Security Done Right