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What’s the difference between CLEAR and TSA PreCheck®?

CLEAR Plus is a faster way to verify your identity so you don't have to wait in crowded lines to have your documents checked, while TSA PreCheck® expedites the physical screening process so you can keep moving without removing shoes, laptops, belts, etc. 

CLEAR Plus and TSA PreCheck® are different services that both have the same goal — helping you get through airport security quicker and with less stress.

TSA PreCheck®
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How is CLEAR different from TSA PreCheck or Global Entry?

CLEAR, TSA PreCheck and Global Entry are all separate services that help expedite different parts of the travel experience.At airports, CLEAR speeds members through the travel document check process on departing flights. CLEAR members also enjoy an expedited screening process at sports stadiums and other partner services where CLEAR is used to confirm identity.TSA PreCheck speeds passengers through physical screening while Global Entry speeds passengers through US Border Control and Customs on arriving flights. Many of our members enjoy CLEAR along with these other services, but CLEAR members do not need TSA PreCheck or Global Entry to enjoy the benefits of CLEAR.

TSA PreCheck®
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When is CLEAR launching TSA PreCheck® enrollment?

CLEAR is motivated to bring this to the traveling public and is working with TSA to launch in the next several months.

TSA PreCheck®
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